All Anti-Iran Plots Backfired on US, Israel: IRGC Commander

A senior Iranian military commander says the Islamic Republic has managed to thwart all of the plots hatched by its enemies, mainly the Israeli regime and the US.

Iran Rejects “Imaginary Story” of Role in Attack on US Vessels

Iran’s Foreign Ministry dismissed allegations raised by a US general that Iran may have played a role in missile attacks from Yemen against US warships in the Red Sea, saying the fictional story reveals US confusion in supporting the brutal Saudi-led invasion of Yemen.

US Didn’t Dare to Attack Iran Although It Was Likely to Do So: IRGC...

The IRGC commander says the US was ready to attack Iran in mid-2000s, but they didn’t dare to invade the country.

Kerry’s Remarks about JCPOA Are Absolutely Wrong: Iran

Iran has rejected the claims made by US Secretary of State John Kerry who said Tehran’s support for resistance groups is impeding the removal of obstacles to the country’s international banking transactions.

There’s Nothing Pleasing about Washington’s Anti-Saudi Law: Iranian Analyst

An Iranian Middle East expert believes that the recent law passed by the US against Saudi Arabia, known as JASTA, would set a dangerous precedent for the world, and Iran should not be happy about it.

Iran and the US: New Partners in Space?

Mohsen Bahrami, head of the Iranian space agency, has said that his country is interested in cooperating with NASA.

No ‘Effective’ Step Taken by West on JCPOA Implementation: CBI Chief

Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Chief Valiollah Seif on Tuesday slammed the Western parties to the July 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), for their failure to fully implement the agreement.

Saudi Rulers to Be Held Accountable for Sponsoring Terror

Saudi Arabia has brought the international community into disrepute by sponsoring terrorism and will eventually be held accountable for giving patronage to terror groups, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman said.

Iran Warns Off American U2 Spy Plane: Commander

A senior Iranian commander says the country’s air defense forces have warned off an American U2 spy plane trying to fly over Iran’s borders.
Bahram Qassemi

Iran Condemns US Airstrike on Syrian Troops

Iranian officials in separate remarks strongly denounced the US airstrikes on Syrian troops amid an ongoing ceasefire in the war-torn Syria.

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