Saturday, April 20, 2024

“Trump could chock off all economic lifelines of Iran if elected in Nov.”

A political analyst warns against the notion that anti-Iran sanctions have been neutralized.

According to the online news outlet Entekhab, Reza Nasri said on his telegram channel that if he wins the November presidential election in the US, Donald Trump will be capable of chocking off all economic lifelines of Iran.

Nasri said the idea that sanctions have been neutralized is misleading. Nasri noted that Trump could also use Iran as a scapegoat in talks with China and reduce Tehran’s oil sales to Beijing to zero.

According to the political analyst, the Republican presidential candidate will also be able to work with Congress to pass such bills as the Solidify Iran Sanctions Act and the End Iran Terror Act as well.

Nasri added that Trump can also drive a wedge between Iran and Russia given the influence he wields over Russian President Putin and force the Europeans to agree to the reinstatement of UN Security Council sanctions on Iran.

Trump is leading in latest polls over incumbent President Joe Biden and many in the US and in Europe have issued warnings about his possible win in the November election.

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