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Articles and opinions about Iran’s diplomatic relations, including those related to major supranational bodies such as the United Nations and the Non-Aligned Movement.


Iran, South Korea can cooperate to help promote peace: Rouhani

Seoul is eager to expand all-out relations with Tehran, the South Korean foreign minister said.

Iran plays key role in regional developments: EP President

Iran plays a key role in the settlement of the Syrian crisis, Martin Schultz said in a joint press conference with Ali Larijani in Tehran.

Iranian diplomat challenges US panelist over ISIS

An Iranian diplomat has said that the situation in Iraq would have been much worse if Iran had not helped the country in its fight against ISIS.

Iran seeks to promote regional understanding, counter division: Official

Most of Iran's political activities in the post-JCPOA era have been focused on the promotion of regional cooperation, Shamkhani said.

Leader: Death to US doesn’t mean death to Americans; it means death to...

The slogan of ‘Death to America’ does not mean death to the American nation; rather it means death to US policies and arrogance, the Supreme Leader said.

Iran felicitates Turkey on successful election

There is hope that formation of a new government in Turkey will improve Tehran-Ankara bilateral relations in all fields, Afkham said.

Foreign Ministry has won the hearts and minds of Iranians

President Rouhani has said that the world has learnt that the settlement of a number of regional problems is all but impossible in Iran’s absence.

Leader says US major part of regional problems, not solution

The Supreme Leader has said that Iran’s foreign policy is predicated upon long-term interests, principles and values of the country and will not change with administrations holding different political views.

Rouhani offers condolences to Putin over plane crash

In a message to Putin on Saturday, President Rouhani expressed his sympathy with the Russian government and nation as well as the bereaved families of the victims.
Jaberi Ansari

Iran’s Foreign Ministry appoints new spokesperson

Iran's Foreign Ministry has appointed Sadegh Hossein Jaberi Ansari as a replacement for Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham.

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