Yoghurt Stew: A Yummy Iranian Food

Yoghurt Stew: A Yummy Iranian Food

Yoghurt stew is a traditional Iranian meal commonly cooked in the central Iranian province of Isfahan.

It is called a “stew,” but, in fact, is served as a dessert and an hors d’oeuvre. The yoghurt stew tastes sweet and is very delicious.


Lamb neck meat: 200gr

Sugar: half a cupful

Onions: 1 onion

Full-fat yoghurt: 3 cupfuls

Yolk: 3 yolks

Brewed saffron: 1 tablespoonful

Rose water: 1 tablespoonful

Sliced almond: 1 tablespoonful

Walnut: 1 tablespoonful

Salt, turmeric, pepper: as much as needed


Yoghurt Stew: A Yummy Iranian FoodChop the onion into four parts and put it in the casserole along with meat and turmeric. Leave them on fire until the meat is cooked through. After the meat is cooked well, separate it from the bone and mash it in a copper dish.

Mix the yolk with sugar and yoghurt. Put the mixture in a medium-sized casserole. Put it on medium-temperature fire until the yoghurt begins to boil. Now add the mashed meat and mix the whole thing.

After a while, add salt, walnut, minced almond, saffron and rose water. After a few minutes remove the casserole from the oven and put the stew in a dish. You had better put it in the fridge for 24 hours until it cools down. This stew is served cold.

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