Vet: Triplet of Iranian cheetah doing fine

A vet in charge of a program in Iran to breed Asiatic Cheetahs says the three cubs of a female named “Iran” are healthy and are doing fine.

The vet said Iran has done its first hunt after the caesarean section. Iran delivered the cubs by caesarean section at the Touran Wildlife Refuge in the Semnan province east of Tehran.

The head of the Iranian environment department said this is the first birth of an Asiatic cheetah in captivity.

An Iranian official said in January that the Asiatic Cheetah was down to just 12, from an estimated 100 in 2010.

The cheetah is the fastest terrestrial animal on earth and is found in Africa, Iran and India.

The cheetahs of Iran and India are classified as the ‘Asiatic’ subspecies, which are a bit different from the African animals.

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