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US Seeking to Destroy Muslim States: Iran Leader’s Aide

A top aide to the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution says the US is secretly seeking to penetrate into Iraq and other regional states with the aim of destroying them from inside.

In an address to a religious ceremony in Tehran on Friday, Ali Akbar Velayati said the US’ excessive greed in the region has led to the massacre of innocent people in Yemen.

“The US is secretly seeking to penetrate into the region and destroy the Islamic countries particularly Syria, Yemen and Iraq from inside, but it will end up in total failure,” he was quoted as saying in a Farsi report by Fars News Agency.

He also called on Saudi Arabia to stop its airstrikes on the impoverished nation of Yemen.

“Final victory is with Yemenis because they are sacrificing their lives in fight against the Saudi aggression,” he said.


It’s Hard to Believe Iran, Iraq Were at War

Velayati also congratulated the Iraqi nation on their victory over arrogant powers and terrorist groups and said Iraq is potentially the most important country of the Arab world because of its natural, cultural and religious capacities.

“Baghdad has been serving as the hub of the Islamic world throughout the political history of Islam. That’s why there are lots of commonalities between the Iranian and Iraqi nations,” he said.

Velayati said the imposed war on Iran by Iraq under the former dictator Saddam Hussein was brought about despite the intentions of the two nations.

He underlined that Saddam enjoyed the full support of the US and the Zionist regime during the war and added the Iraqi nation played no major role in the war.

Velayati referred to the numerous visits of Iranian pilgrims to Iraq’s holy cities and said the relations between the two nations are so warm that it is hard to believe they were involved in a war in the past.

He referred to the Iraqi government’s request from Iran to provide it with military advisors, and added, “It is up to Iran to defend Iraq because the two sides have been involved in joint fight against others in the past.”

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