Friday, February 3, 2023

US’ Military Attacks Root Cause of Terrorism in Region: Larijani

Iran’s Parliament Speaker says wherever the US has intervened in a country militarily, terrorist currents have started their activities.

Ali Larijani said the region is grappled with terrorist conflicts adding that “in Iraq, Syria and also Afghanistan, we are witnessing terrorist acts that are mainly rooted in the US military aggression in the region.”

Larijani made the comments in a Monday meeting with his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan during a visit to the Asian country.

“Experience shows that wherever the US has interfered, terrorist currents have begun their work, and actually Americans are involved in the creation and spread of terrorism,” he pointed out.

Iran has been determined to fight terrorism and has helped the regional countries that have asked for help, he added.

“Iran, Russia and Turkey have taken good steps to fight terrorism and establish security in Syria.”

He emphasised that the recent attack of the United States against Syria showed they were not in favour of peace in the country, noting that the Westerners use the turmoil in the region to sell their weapons, but we are resolved to make the region secure.

“In the case of Yemen, we have emphasised that political dialogue is the only solution to the problem, but unfortunately some countries are after a military option that has created problems.”

Elsewhere in his remarks Larijani said the Islamic Republic of Iran condemns the use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

“In Syria, the West under the pretext of an alleged use of chemical weapons launched an attack which was not the right thing. In this case, they should have given the opportunity to the UN delegation to look into the case.”

He further noted that Vietnam’s resistance has always been familiar for the Iranians adding that the Iranian people always talk proudly about Vietnam.

He also pointed to his visit to the house of Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh, and said it was totally clear that he was a popular leader.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Larijani said that Iran’s parliament is interested in expanding relations with Vietnam’s National Assembly at different levels as there are various areas for cooperation.

“The two countries’ parliaments can help achieve the goals introduced to expand mutual cooperation during the meeting of Iran and Vietnam presidents,” he underlined.

“The trade relations between Iran and Vietnam are relatively at a good level, but it should increase. In the past, the two sides called for $2 billion trade relations, and now considering the existing capacities, this volume must be realised.”

Larijani further underscored that the Islamic Republic can provide opportunities for the investment of Vietnam in the oil and gas field.

“Vietnam has good capacities that can be used to increase the level of trade relations between the two countries, and the Joint Commission has reached agreements in different areas,” Larijani went on to say.

He said Vietnam has made good progress in the field of agriculture that Tehran can make use of it. In addition, he stressed that the Islamic Republic has made good progress in producing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment that could help Vietnam.

Iran’s parliament speaker further referred to the interest of Iranian businessmen in expanding trade ties with Vietnam saying that tourism and cultural cooperation are among the areas in which the Iranian parliament is interested.

For her part, Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan gave a report on the economic situation in Vietnam saying that political and social stability has contributed to attracting investment and improving the lives of the people of Vietnam.

“We understand the conditions in Iran and we know that the economic sanctions and regional instability affect Iran more or less; therefore, we are ready to cooperate with Iran.”

She further mentioned that Vietnam welcomes the nuclear agreement and supports this deal, and hopes that the people of Iran could improve their lives with this accord.

Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan also touched upon boosting ties with Iran saying that cooperation with Tehran, especially in the field of business and economy, needs to be expanded in order to increase trade volume, and in this regard, restrictions such as banking problems have to be removed.

Moreover, she called for the strengthening of cooperation with Iran in the field of telecommunications and information technology adding that the expansion of these relations is necessary for the development of the two countries.

The chairwoman of the Vietnamese National Assembly also expressed concern over the US airstrikes in Syria saying that “We are opposed to any action against the innocent people of this country, and all countries must act in accordance with the UN Charter.”

Larijani arrived in Vietnam on April 15 for an official visit upon the invitation of Vietnam’s National Assembly Chairwoman. He will be in the country until April 18.

Vietnam and Iran set up diplomatic ties on August 4, 1973. Since then, the two countries have continuously enhanced bilateral cooperation in all fields and supported each other at global multilateral forums.

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