US Back-to-Back Defeats at UN Result of Iran’s Resistance: Rouhani

Rouhani Congratulates Beijing on China’s National Day

The Iranian president says the United States’ back-to-back defeats at the UN Security Council are a result of the Iranian nation’s resistance.

President Hassan Rouhani said Washington is failing because of the Iranian nation’s resistance.

“Had the Iranian nation given up, … the enemy would have reinstated the sanction in 2018 and brought us to our knees,” he said.

He urged people to keep standing up to all enemy pressure, especially the US, which, as Rouhani noted, is hatching a plot against Iran every day.

“Despite all pressure, [Iranian] people withstood hardships and kept resisting. People put up with problems in their lives, but did not succumb to the enemy,” he said.

“The enemies wanted to bring us to a point of collapse and they kept saying that Iran would be gone by the end of winter,” he noted.

President Rouhani said the Iranian nation has managed to emerge victorious in the face of major powers with resistance.

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