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Kerman Desert; Land of Unknown Wonders

Despite being located in a hot and dry climate, Kerman province in the central Iran has many lakes which are considered as wonderful natural attractions for tourists.

Rivers, springs and natural watersheds have created permanent and seasonal lakes in different parts of Kerman Desert. They are habitats for various species of plants and animals, and a symbol of life in difficult conditions.

Torshab Lake

The lake is recovered when the rainfall and precipitation is good. At such times, the lake turns into a habitat for birds and aquatic animals. However, it dries in the warm seasons and the size of the lake varies depending on the amount of precipitation. The average depth of the lake is about 50 centimetres and the water of this lake is salty and unusable. The flora around the lake is mainly common reed.

Kerman Desert; Land of Unknown Wonders

Hamoun Wetland

Hamoon Jazmourian wetland is located in the southernmost point of province, on the border between Kerman and Sistan and Baluchestan. It is one of the most important lakes of the province whose size varies according to the downpours and the amount of water entering it. Because of good flora surrounding it, the lake is a very rich source for livestock to graze. It also provides the desert travellers with a spectacular view.

Kerman Desert; Land of Unknown Wonders

Makhrage Lake

This salt lake appears in Kerman desert’s seasonal ecosystem every year in the middle of November during the first seasonal rainfall. It is accessible until August, and then, due to the interruption of the water inlet and the high temperature of the air, the lake water evaporates.

Kerman Desert; Land of Unknown Wonders

Chah Darya Underground Lake

The underground Chah Darya (Sea-well) lake is a wonderful place in the heart of Rafsanjan desert. The natural phenomenon is home to millions of litres of water in the heart of the desert, and is among the few Iranian underground lakes.

Kerman Desert; Land of Unknown WondersSirjan Salt Lake

The stunning salt lake of Sirjan known as “Kafe Namak” is a lovely place in the heart of desert.  A muddy wetland in rainy days, the lake turns into a large salt pan after a while, where different groups start extracting salt. Due to the salinity of the Sirjan Lake, there is not much vegetation and animal in it, but on the margins agricultural and cropping activities are in progress.

Kerman Desert; Land of Unknown Wonders

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