Saturday, January 22, 2022

Trump’s Prevention of COVID-19 Vaccine Export to Iran ‘A Crime’: Rouhani

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The Iranian president says the former US administration committed the crime of preventing vaccine and medicine supplies to Iran amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In comments on Saturday, President Hassan Rouhani said the major difference between Iran and other countries in countering the coronavirus pandemic is that Iran began to fight the disease at a time when it was targeted by the United States’ economic war.

“Our country was alone in the fight against the coronavirus and we had special restrictions and problems,” he noted. “Even today, we have problems procuring foreign vaccines.”

He then thanked domestic companies for producing medical equipment such as face masks and gloves needed to contain the spread of coronavirus in the wake of foreign sanctions.

He said some Iranian cities hit by the virus are now in a “normal” state.

Nevertheless, he warned against possible laxity in observing health protocols, and added it would be “very dangerous” to believe the situation is back to normal as far as the COVID-19 pandemic is concerned.

“If health protocols and instructions are not observed fully, we will have to impose and tighten restrictions,” he said.

He also thanked medical personnel for their efforts to contain the deadly virus.

“We do insist on adopting measures, during these two months, to prevent a fourth surge in the disease, so that people’s health and businesses will not be affected,” he said.

The president said most of the services people need today are now being provided by the cyberspace, internet providers and electronic shops, and that makes it easier to stay at home.

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