Saturday, December 9, 2023

Trump Administration Doesn’t Care about Afghan People: Iran

Spokesman for the Iranian government Ali Rabiei says the US administration does not care about the people of Afghanistan and the country’s future, and is just seeking to reach a deal it can sell American people in the November elections.

Rabiei made the remarks in response to a question, raised in his weekly press briefing on Tuesday, about the US administration’s competence to lead the Afghan peace process considering the country’s history in Afghanistan.

The spokesman said the US invaded Afghanistan on the pretext of establishing security and fighting narcotics in the country. However, they have failed in both missions as admitted by American officials and commanders and their European partners.

“Now we are witnessing the growing presence and activity of ISIS in that country,” he added.

Rabiei said Iran views the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan as one of the main reasons for the continuation of war in the country, and believes that the responsible withdrawal of these troops can serve as a major step to create peace and security in Afghanistan.

In Iran’s view, he said, the US-Taliban negotiations are not equal to Afghan peace talks. However, Iran would not oppose any move that would contribute to establishment of peace in Afghanistan.

Rabiei said Tehran welcomes the beginning of intra-Afghan dialogue between the Afghan government, the country’s political groups and the Taliban.

“Iran hopes that the talks will yield its desired results without foreign interference and in a context of comprehensive understanding among Afghans, and will result in the establishment of permanent peace and stability in the country and security in the region,” he added.

He also expressed the Islamic Republic’s preparedness to use its maximum capacity to advance the peace process if the Afghan government and other parties involved would ask.

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