Thursday, February 2, 2023

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US imposes visa restrictions on Taliban officials

The US has announced additional visa restrictions on the Taliban regime in response to thei bans on women's rights in Afghanistan.

UNSC members call on Taliban to reverse restrictions on Afghan women

Several members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) have urged the Taliban to end its repressive treatment of women in Afghanistan and respect their rights.

Blast outside Afghan foreign ministry in Kabul causes casualties

An explosion outside Afghanistan's foreign ministry in the capital Kabul on Wednesday caused a number of casualties, a Taliban official has confirmed.

Afghan aid at risk due to Taliban restrictions on women: UN

The United Nation’s lead humanitarian coordinator has warned that UN-supplied aid cannot continue if the Taliban do not lift their ban on women working for humanitarian aid agencies in Afghanistan.

Pentagon misled public on deadly drone raid in Kabul: Report

Erroneous assumptions and biases by US analysts led to the Kabul drone attack that killed ten civilians, including seven children, during the Pentagon’s chaotic August 2021 withdrawal from Afghanistan, an internal military investigation has found.

Taliban accuse British royal of committing “war crimes”

The Taliban administration has denounced Britain’s Prince Harry for his admission of killing 25 people while on military duty in Afghanistan, and a senior Afghan official has accused the royal of killing innocent civilians.

Pakistan says won’t allow others to shelter militants amid tensions with Afghanistan

Pakistan's political and military leadership has vowed no country will be allowed to shelter militants staging attacks against Pakistani soil, as the Asian country is engaged in rising tensions with neighboring Afghanistan.

Casualties reported as blast rocks military airport in Kabul

An explosion outside the military airport in Kabul has caused multiple casualties, a spokesman for the Taliban-run interior ministry announced.

UN suspends programs in Afghanistan following Taliban ban on women

The United Nations has announced that some "time-critical" programs in Afghanistan have temporarily stopped after Taliban banned women from working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Intl. aid NGOs stop work in Afghanistan after Taliban ban on female staff

Four major international aid groups have suspended their operations in Afghanistan following a decision by the Taliban to ban women from working at NGOs.

Condemnations pour in following Taliban ban on female staff in NGOs

Afghanistan’s Taliban-run administration has ordered all local and foreign nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) to stop female employees from coming to work, according to an economy ministry letter.

Taliban suspend university education for Afghan women

Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers have ordered an indefinite ban on university education for the country’s women, the Ministry of Higher Education announced in a letter issued to all government and private universities.

At least seven killed in Afghanistan’s bus bombing

At least seven people were killed and six others injured on Tuesday when a blast hit a vehicle carrying oil workers in northern Afghanistan, police has confirmed.

Ex-president Hamid Karzai leaves Afghanistan

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai left Kabul for the United Arab Emirates where he will stay for three days before traveling to Germany, his close aide Shahzada Massoud confirmed.

Bomb blast hits Afghan school, dozens killed and injured

At least 15 people have been killed and 20 others wounded in a bomb blast at a religious school in the northern Afghan province of Samangan, according to a local official.

At least 64 children killed in UK military operations in Afghanistan

A new report by the London-based advocacy and research group Action on Armed Violence (AAOV) revealed that the British military has killed at least 64 children in Afghanistan operations between 2006 and 2014, although the number of the kids killed could be as many as 135.

Afghan Americans deplore US Marine’s abduction of an orphan

Afghan-American activists have expressed indignation after reports suggested that a US Marine and his wife abducted a baby girl during the chaotic American military withdrawal from Afghanistan in August last year.

Taliban say efforts underway to form new constitution

Taliban Spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid has said that work is underway on the formation of a new constitution that will replace the previous one.

Russia’s Putin calls for unfreezing Afghan assets

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for unfreezing Afghan assets and compensation for the harm done during years of occupation of the country by the US-led forces.

Many killed, injured in suicide bomb blast in Kabul

A suicide bomb attack on an education center in the Afghan capital Kabul has killed at least 23 people, most of whom are believed to be young women.

Pentagon confirms 12 Afghan civilians killed in military operations in 2021

Twelve civilians were killed in the US military operations in Afghanistan in 2021, according to a congressionally mandated Pentagon report.

US revokes Afghanistan’s ‘major non-NATO ally’ status

US President Joe Biden has decided to rescind Afghanistan's designation as a "major non-NATO ally", the White House has announced.

Daesh claims responsibility for deadly bombing near Russian embassy in Kabul

Daesh terror group has claimed responsibility for Monday’s suicide bombing in Kabul. The blast occurred not far from the entrance to the Russian embassy in the Afghan capital and killed 25 people, including two embassy staff.

Two Russian embassy workers killed in Afghan blast

Two Russian embassy workers were among many people killed on Monday in an explosion outside Russia’s diplomatic mission in the Afghan capital Kabul, the Russian Foreign Ministry has confirmed.

Many killed, injured in Afghanistan mosque blast

An explosion outside a mosque in the city of Herat in western Afghanistan killed a high-profile pro-Taliban cleric as well as more than a dozen civilians.

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