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Travel through Time via Tehran Time Museum

The Time Museum is a historical house in an upscale Tehran neighbourhood and dates back to the Qajar era.

The Time Museum is Iran’s first museum showcasing items used to show time.

Different types of sundials, hourglasses, water clocks and fuel-powered clocks are on display at the museum’s yard.

Travel through Time via Tehran Time Museum
Iran’s Time Museum

Mechanical clocks, table clocks, pocket watches and wristwatches are on display inside the building.

Part of the museum is also dedicated to documents on the Jalali calendar and its background in Iran.

The museum’s building is an old, two-storey structure dating back some 80 years.

The plasterwork in the building, however, are modelled after new styles of architecture.

The façade of the building, including lintels and their periphery, boasts an amalgamation of traditional and European decorations.

The following are images of the museum courtesy of ILNA.

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