Terrorist elements arrested during Iran presidential vote, plots foiled

The Iranian Deputy Interior Minister for Security Affairs announced that terrorists had meticulously planned to carry out operations during the presidential election with the intention of creating an atmosphere of insecurity across the nation.

Majid Mirahmadi said their goal was to intimidate and frighten the public, preventing them from participating in the electoral process.

He added that the terrorists aimed to disrupt the peaceful conduct of the elections and instill fear among the citizens.

Referring to the comprehensive intelligence oversight of security agencies, Mirahmadi said several terrorist elements, who had been sent into the country and were fully prepared to carry out their nefarious attacks, were apprehended before the election began.

He said among their actions was a call for gatherings in 1,000 fields under the guise of supporting a particular candidate. These gatherings were, in fact, intended to celebrate a fabricated victory.

He said reports indicate that instances of vote-buying were minimal, adding the Friday presidential vote was the healthiest election ever held in Iran.

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