Friday, October 7, 2022

Tel Aviv Mother of Terrorism: Iran’s Parliament Speaker

Speaker of Iran’s Parliament Ali Larijani has called Israel the mother of terrorism, saying the Zionists’ heinous crimes are unprecedented throughout history.

Addressing Friday prayers worshippers in Tehran on the International Quds Day, Larijani said no terrorist group has ever displaced millions of people [Palestinians] other than the Zionists.

“Even ISIS which is widely known as a brutal terror group across the globe has not yet displaced a nation,” he added.

Larijani went on saying that the Zionists have been using the most cruel terror mechanisms in the world to achieve their goals.

“The Zionists’ crimes are still fresh in the memory of the past century, from the establishment of Israel’s regime based on an evil plan to crimes in Deir Yasin, Gaza, Qafr Qasim, Sabra and Shatila and so on,” he noted.

The Iranian parliament speaker went on saying that the establishment of Tel Aviv was the beginning of the massive adventurism of the Zionists in the Missile East to embroil all Muslims nations in a regional conflict.

“So, the Muslims are now facing a criminal entity called Zionism which, despite its connection with Judaism, has always been misused by the great powers as a pretext to develop their colonial plots against Muslims,” he added.

The Iranian official said there are many Jews in Iran who are living in peace with the Muslims and added Iranian Jews hate the Zionists and condemn their acts.

Larijani quoted the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, as saying the Muslims should preserve their unity against right and left-wing arrogant powers, especially the US and Israel.

“The colonial powers have created a cancerous tumor (Israel) in the region to keep Muslim nations involved in internal conflicts,” he added.

According to Larijani, Zionism has been created with the aim of returning the Jews to a fake homeland. He added the Zionists have been using some false pretexts over the past two centuries to press ahead with their projects in the region.

He then called Zionism an evil phenomenon which has always proclaimed itself as the real owner of the Palestinian lands, while historical facts show that the ownership claims of the Zionists have no legal basis.

Larijani stressed that Palestine has always been the centre of Islamic thought throughout the history, adding the main aim of Imam Khomeini to announce the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as the International Quds Day was to make Islamic nations wake up.

“Imam had repeatedly warned against negligence of the Muslim nations of the enemy plots. Quds Day is a reminder for all Muslims to take serious their duty to fight arrogant powers,” he said.

Elsewhere in his speech, Larijani said the Zionists’ terrorism knows no border and the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists were the latest case of the regime’s terrorist attacks.

He blamed the US and its allies for remaining silent towards Israel’s crimes and added the US has never spoken out against the Zionists terrorism. “It not only remains silent towards such crimes but also supports them,” he stressed.

Larijani also accused the US of double standards when it comes to terrorism, saying Washington blames the Iranian nation for sponsoring terrorism while Iran is one of the main victims of terrorism across the globe.

He called shameful the US decision to remove the name of the armed anti-Iran terrorist group known as MKO from its list of terror and said the US speaks of war on terror on the one hand but sponsors terrorist groups in Syria on the other hand.

The Iranian official further blamed Saudi Arabia for pushing US presidents into waging war on Iran and said the enemies should beware of the fact that by any attack on Iran they would sink in the mire of the Iranians’ revenge.

“The US president portrayed Saudi Arabia as the sponsor of terrorism during his presidential campaign and now he is backing the tribal regime of the KSA and democratically transferring power in Iran. And now he is blaming Iran for terrorism instead of Saudi Arabia. This is shameful,” he said.

He also referred to the latest diplomatic crisis in the region between Saudi Arabia and Qatar and said the US first blamed the crisis on Qatar but after a while signed a deal with Doha to sell planes to the country and now they are going to hold a joint drill.

“Today the US is looting the Islamic states’ wealth. To this end, they clearly support any tribal regime in the region to take their money,” he noted.

He said Iran is paying a price for fighting terrorism and added Tehran will remain undeterred by any threats in its war on terror.

He also touched on Iran’s latest missile strikes on ISIS in Syria and said, “We target the terrorists inside and outside of the country and the latest strikes were just the tip of the iceberg of Iran’s military might. Iran will not sit idle against enemies’ attacks.”

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