Tuesday, October 4, 2022

New Look of Tehran’s 30th Tir Street More Appealing to Tourists

30th TirStreet is among the oldest and original historical places in Tehran which has recently attracted greater attention to itself as a tourist attraction due to a number of changes and renovations it has undergone.

30th Tir Street, as one of the oldest and most original historical placesin the Iranian capital of Tehran, has recently gained greater popularity among tourists after undergoing a number of changes and renovations.

According to a report by IFP prior to the Victory of the Islamic Revolution in1979, the street was known as Qavamos-Saltaneh, an Iranian politician (1873-1955) who served as Iran’s prime ministerfor five terms.

However, after 1979,it was named after the date of an uprising by Tehran citizens staged on the 30th day of the fourth Iranian month (Tir)in the Iraniancalendar year of 1331 (21 July, 1952) led by Mohammad Mosaddeq, Iran’s prime minister during 1951-1953,and Shiite cleric and politician Ayatollah Abol-QassemKashani– against the last king of Iran Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and his newly appointed prime minister Ahmad Qavam.


The street has recently been cobbled. It has also become home to a large number of cafés and restaurants which have added to its popularity among tourists.

Here are Tasnim’s photos of the street:

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