Friday, February 23, 2024

Tehran Police commander: Claims on social media about Mahsa Amini’s death “sheer lie”

The commander of Tehran’s Law Enforcement has given new explanations about the death of Mahsa Amini saying many claims regarding police mistreatment are baseless.

Hossein Rahimi first offered condolences to the 22-year-old girl’s family and all Iranians.

He then said the morality police only give advice to 90 percent of those they encounter for not observing dress code.

The mortality police enforce Islamic dress code.

According to the police commander, 9 percent receive instructions inside morality police vans and only 1 percent are taken to the headquarters.

Rahimi rejected accusations that police killed Mahsa Amini as unfair.

He further said when Mahsa Amini was inside the morality police van, no verbal clash happened between her and the officers and she even joked with them.

Rahimi dismissed all claims on social media about the issue as a “sheer lie”.

Police say the girl had a heart attack at the morality police headquarters and that’s why she later passed away at the Kasra Hospital in Tehran.

Mahsa Amini’s family rejects this, saying she had been beaten.

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