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Tehran Hosts Happy Snowmen Festival as Summer Arrives

The first festival of happy snowmen was held a few days ago in Tochal complex, in the heights of northern Tehran.

Tehran Metro to Get Suicide-Prevention Glass Walls

Glass walls are to be erected at the edge of platforms in 35 subway stations across Tehran to prevent people committing suicide by jumping in front of the trains.

Another Mild Quake Strikes Iranian Capital

An earthquake measuring 4 on the Richter scale hit an area near the Iranian capital of Tehran on Wednesday, a few weeks after the city was jolted by a number of mild quakes.

Winners of COVID-19 Cartoon Festival to Be Displayed at Iran’s Urban Sites

Organizers of an international cartoon festival on the battle with coronavirus have decided to display a preview of the award-winning works at the public places of various Iranian cities.

Iranian Artists Produce Mask at Hafez Hall of Tehran

A number of Iranian theatre, television and music artists have set up a charity workshop to produce masks at the Hafez Hall of Tehran amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Tehran in Fog

Tehran, the Iranian capital, had a pleasant atmosphere on Wednesday with a cloudy and foggy sky.

Century-Old Café in Tehran, Popular Hangout for Book Readers

One of the most popular cafés in the Iranian capital, Tehran, is a book café which dates back 100 years.

Melli Bank Museum; A Must-See Site in Tehran

The Melli Bank Museum in downtown Tehran is a beautiful historic building that features exemplary architectural techniques of the late era of Qajar dynasty and includes a rich source of exquisite and valuable objects from different sections of Iran’s history.

Fresh Waves of Coronavirus Infection Could Hit Tehran: Official

The official leading operations to fight COVID-19 in the Iranian capital, Tehran, says fresh waves of infection could be looming in the metropolis.

Iran Expresses Solidarity with World on COVID-19 in Videomapping Event

Tehran has hosted a videomapping event at the iconic Azadi Tower to express solidarity with the world amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Tejarat Bank Museum Tied to Spirit of Old Tehran

The building of Tejarat Bank museum gallery, located in downtown Tehran, dates back to the Qajar dynasty era.

Tehran Introduces New Restrictions to Contain Corona Outbreak

New restrictions have been introduced by the Iranian government for Tehran province in a bid to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Tehran Gets More Colourful for Nowruz Despite Corona Outbreak

Despite the problems caused by the Coronavirus, Tehran municipality's programs are underway as before.

Tehran’s Azadi Tower Lit Up in Solidarity with China

On behalf of Iranian people, the Municipality of Tehran has lit up the capital’s iconic Azadi Tower with messages of sympathy with the Chinese nation in their fight against Coronavirus.

WTO Hails Tehran’s Offer to Host World’s Biggest Tourism Event

Tehran Municipality’s offer to host a world conference on urban tourism in 2021 has been welcomed by the President of World Tourism Organization.

Schools Shut Down in Tehran over Heavy Snow

Heavy snowfall has blanketed the streets of Tehran, causing some traffic and forcing the closure of schools, authorities in the Iranian capital said.

Millions of Iranians Attend General Soleimani’s Funeral in Tehran

Iranian people from all walks of life are attending a massive funeral procession held for General Qassem Soleimani in Tehran.

Masoudieh Palace; Home to First Iranian Library, Museum

Masoudieh Palace is an edifice and Persian Garden built during the Qajar era in the historical Square of Baharestan, downtown Tehran.

Iranian Christians Out for Christmas Shopping

Christian citizens of Tehran along with other Iranian people from all religions and walks of life have poured into streets in Christian neighbourhoods of the city as Christmas and New Christian Year shopping gains growing popularity in the country.

New Alert System Warns Tehran Citizens 20 Seconds Before Quake

Tehran, the capital and most populous city of Iran, is being equipped with an earthquake early warning system that would notify people of an imminent quake as early as 20 seconds in advance, an official has announced.

Persian Architecture in Photos: Historical House of Motamen-ol-Atebba

The house of “Motamen-ol-Atebba” – a beautiful building of Qajar era in Oudlajan neighbourhood, downtown Tehran – was decorated on Saturday for Yalda Night celebration.

Investors from 11 States to Attend Technology Investment Meeting in Iran

Investors from 11 countries are going to attend the second edition of the Technology Investment Meeting (TIM) in Tehran in February 2020.

Paternitecture; Patterns in Iran’s Contemporary Environments

Tehran recently hosted an event called “paternitecture”, featuring the application of patterns in manmade environments of contemporary Iran.

Tehran Working to End Use of Children for Scavenging

Tehran Mayor has urged all Tehran citizens to inform the municipality if they see any street children being used for scavenging.

Tehran’s Iconic Milad Tower Turns Red on World AIDS Day

Milad Tower, one of the world’s tallest buildings and a symbol of the Iranian capital, turned red on the World AIDS Day on Saturday night November 30 in a bid to show Iran’s solidarity with HIV-infected patients.

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