Tehran an ‘Innovative’ City with Innovative Ideas: VP

A senior Iranian official says the idea of an “innovative city” can help tap into the existing potentialities to further boost innovative practices.

Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology, has referred to Tehran as an innovative city, adding the innovation network in Tehran has been established in a bid to increase synergy among those contributing to the innovation and technology ecosystem of the capital.

“Enjoying extraordinary potential in the domain of innovative ideas, Tehran is a breeding ground for the creation of innovation networks,” he said.

“An innovative city is a city where the municipality acts as a great business accelerator and sets the stage for maturity and commercialization of innovative ideas,” he said.

“The Tehran Municipality has a large market that can be a basis for creating opportunities and added value from urban needs by startup ecosystem activists,” he said.

He emphasized that urban services should be provided by the private sector and combined with innovation.

“The government should lay the groundwork for the private sector to provide ,” he noted.
“The municipality can have a managerial and supervisory role and receive a part of urban revenues from this activity,” he said.

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