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South Pars Gas Field

Gas leak at Iran refinery leaves one dead, two injured

A gas leak at a refinery in the South Pars field in southern Iran has left one person dead and two injured.

Former president Rouhani defends his job performance while in office

Former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has said on X that during his presidency, Iran overtook Qatar in gas production at a joint field with the Persian Gulf country.

Iran president inaugurates gas production at Phase 11 of South Pars field, Persian Gulf

Iran officially resumed gas production at Phase 11 of South Pars, the world's largest gas field in the Persian Gulf, after a 20-year delay in a ceremony on Monday attended by President Ebrahim Raisi.

“Iran Oil ministry increases output, completes projects”

Iran’s Oil Minister Javad Owji has said increasing investment, completing semi-finished oil projects, and boosting oil, gas volume, refining and rising petrochemical outputs have been the most important measures taken by his ministry since two years ago when the administration of President Ebrahim Raisi assumed office.

Data show Iran has exported around 19 bcm of natural gas in 2022

Figures by the Energy Institute (EI) shows that Iran exported nearly 19 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas in 2022.

Minister: Iran to make 300 million dollars per annum by producing ethane

Minister: Iran to make 300 million dollars per annum by producing ethane

Official: Iran gas production 110-115m liters daily, meets demand for now

The secretary of Iran's refining industry union says the country’s refineries are producing 110 to 115 million liters of gasoline daily, which has met the local demand so far.

Iran installs heaviest platform at Phase 11 of South Pars Gas Field, Persian Gulf

Iran successfully completes the operation to install the heaviest platform of South Pars in place, as the country pushes to operationalize the Phase 11 of the giant Persian Gulf gas field.

Iranian president: Iran can be a pioneer in gas and oil industries

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has said all countries are admitting that the Islamic Republic is now a pioneer in military and nuclear industries.

Iran launches major development phase at Abadan refinery

Iran has launched the first section of the second phases of a major project for development and stabilization of capacity at its Abadan refinery in the country's south.

Minister: Iran oil revenues up 40 percent, sets record in gas production

Iran’s oil minister says the country’s oil revenues have increased by 40 percent in the past 10 months compared to the same period last year.

Iran launches $1bn worth of project at South Pars gas field, in Persian Gulf

Iran’s oil minister says one billion dollars’ worth of projects became operational in the massive South Pars gas field on Monday, adding that another two billion dollars’ worth of projects will be launched in the near future.

Idle phase of Iran South Pars gas field to produce energy after 20 years

Iran’s oil minister says Phase 11 of South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf which has been idle without any production for 20 years will produce 10 million cubic meters of gas in the winter of this year. 

Oil minister: Iran to set new gas production record at South Pars this year

Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji highlights the development projects underway at the South Pars gas-condensate field and says the country will set a new record this year in the volume of production at the key field shared with Qatar in the Persian Gulf.

Iran says to extract natural gas from Persian Gulf gas field in winter

Iran will be able to pump natural gas from a difficult gas field in the Persian Gulf where development works have stalled for nearly five years because of American sanctions on the country, a senior official with the Iranian Oil Ministry confirmed.

NIOC’s CEO: Company will not let any investment opportunity with Russia pass

The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company has said the signing of strategic cooperation agreement between Iran and Russia is the biggest investment deal in the history of Iranian oil industry.

Report: Gas production rise in Iran offsets decrease in global oil market share

Iran produced 250 billion cubic meters of gas in 2020, which accounts for 6 percent of the global share and makes up for the loss of its share in the oil market due to sanctions, according to a repot by IRNA.

‘Iran’s daily production at South Pars gas field to reach 14 mcm by year end’

An official with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) says the gas production capacity at Phase 11 of South Pars, a major natural-gas condensate field in the Persian Gulf, will reach 14 million cubic meters (mcm) per day by the end of this Persian calendar year.

Iran launches new refinery row of South Pars gas field

The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company says the first refinery row of the phase 14 of the South Pars gas project in the Persian Gulf has become operational.

Leakage contained at South Pars gas platform

A gas leakage in phase 16 of Iran’s South Pars field has caused the country’s gas production to fall by 15 million cubic meters per day.

South Pars CEO: investments in gas field close to $80bn.

The CEO of South Pars Gas Complex Company says investments made in South Pars are close to $80 billion. Hadi Hashemzadeh Farhang said all the investments, done amid US sanctions, have been turned into assets for the National Iranian Gas Company and the necessary resources have been provided for the proper maintenance of these facilities.

“Speedboat hits South Pars Platform in Persian Gulf”

Reports say a speedboat has hit Platform B in Iran’s South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf.

IRGC Installs Last Platform in South Pars Phase 14

The last platform of Phase 14 of Iran’s giant South Pars gas field was held in place by Iranian technicians on Saturday.

Minister: Iran to Outpace Qatar in South Pars Gas Extraction

Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh says the country is going to outstrip Qatar in terms of production of gas from the South Pars joint field.

Iran Digging for New Gas Reserves in Persian Gulf

Iran has launched a scheme to explore and use new undersea gas reserves in the Persian Gulf, considering an inevitable drop of pressure at the giant South Pars gas field, shared with Qatar.

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