Friday, June 21, 2024

Official: Iran gas production 110-115m liters daily, meets demand for now

The secretary of Iran's refining industry union says the country’s refineries are producing 110 to 115 million liters of gasoline daily, which has met the local demand so far.

Nasser Ashoury however said sometimes, due to major repairs, gasoline production fluctuates.

Ashoury added that now around 115 million liters of gas is consumed per day nationwide, which of course will increase with the beginning of the holidays and then consumption decreases.

He proposed that the government find solutions that would manage consumption with the same amount of gas output.

One solution, Ashoury said, is to develop the CNG industry and increase its share in the fuel basket, which can replace gasoline.

He noted that Iranian cars’ gas consumption is twice the world standard.

According to Ashoury, this amount needs to be halved by reforming the auto industry.

He also underlined that this year, Iran’s gas production has not only not decreased but also increased compared to the past, but naturally with the current capacity, Iran cannot meet the daily demand of 150 million liters of gasoline, unless other refineries such as Mehr Persian Gulf Project are put into operation.

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