Monday, February 26, 2024

Iran launches new refinery row of South Pars gas field

The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company says the first refinery row of the phase 14 of the South Pars gas project in the Persian Gulf has become operational.

Mohsen Khojasteh said, “We had promised our people that the first row of the phase 14 of the South Pars will become operational before the end of this year and now I’m announcing we made good on this promise and the row is now fully operational.”

He added that the capacity of the phase 14 of the South Pars project is 56 million cubic meters of gas but this phase had no refineries and the NIOC had to use other capacities.

Khojasteh added that this prompted the company to make a row of this refinery operational in winter to increase Iran’s refining capacity and also the flexibility of the country’s gas network.

South Pars is the largest gas field in the world shared by Iran and Qatar.

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