Saturday, January 28, 2023

Joe Biden

Biden Iran envoy holds talks with Arab states over JCPOA

The lead US negotiator in the Vienna talks and representatives from the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC), Egypt and Jordan have discussed ongoing nuclear negotiations aimed at reviving the Iran nuclear deal.

Biden: Supplies of petroleum sufficient to reduce purchase from Iran

US President Joe Biden says there are sufficient supplies of petroleum to allow a “significant reduction” in the amount purchased from Iran.

Shamkhani: Powerless US president not ready to give guarantees

The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council says the “powerless” president of the United States is not ready to give any assurances that Washington will abide by the nuclear deal, JCPOA, after returning to the agreement.

Analysts: ‘No Plan B’ for Biden If nuclear deal fails

Analysts are raising the alarm over failure to revive the Iran nuclear deal, saying in that case there would be ‘no Plan B’ for US President Joe Biden.

Biden says US suffering from Trump’s withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

US President Joe Biden has stated the United States is "continuing to suffer" from former President Donald Trump's decision to pull Washington out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Biden to discuss Iran with E3 at G20

US President Jo Biden will hold talks with European leaders over Iran nuclear programme on Saturday on the sidelines of the G20 (Group of 20) summit in Italy, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Thursday.

Poll: Biden sees sharpest popularity drop for any US leader since WW II

The approval rating of US President Joe Biden plunged in his first nine months of presidency more than any other US president since 1945, a new survey shows.

Poll shows just 37% approve Biden performance

A new survey shows only 37 percent of Americans approve of the job US President Joe Biden is doing, alongside a significant drop in support among independent voters.

Majority of Americans blame Biden for rising inflation

More than 60 percent of Americans are pointing a finger at US President Joe Biden's policies over the rising inflation, a survey shows.

Biden’s approval rating hits new low

Thirty-eight percent of Americans approved of US President Joe Biden’s performance amid chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, border crisis, prolonged coronavirus pandemic and the specter of debt default, according to a new poll.

Biden approval rating falls to lowest amid national crises

US President Joe Biden's approval rating has hit a record low since taking the office in January amid several national crises, according to a news survey. Over half of Americans disapprove of the commander-in-chief's job performance.

Biden losing ground with independents

US President Joe Biden's popularity has plummeted among independents after several domestic and foreign crises. The independents played a key role in sending Biden to the White House.

Biden’s approval rating over handling of COVID, economy declining

Americans' confidence in President Joe Biden’s capability to handle several important issues in the United States, including the coronavirus pandemic and economy, is falling, a new poll shows.

Biden signs budget resolution to keep US govt. open

The US House and Senate passed a funding measure on Thursday to avert government shutdown. And hours before the midnight deadline, President Joe Biden signed the stopgap bill.

Biden ignores Palestine’s Abbas request for meeting

A request from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly was snubbed by the White House, according to U.S. and Palestinian sources.

Poll: Americans do not trust Biden on COVID

US President Joe Biden is facing distrust among majority of Americans on providing accurate coronavirus information, a new survey finds. The U.S. tops the list of the COVID-hit nations with more than 43 million cases and 693k deaths.

Poll: 42% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s performance

US President Joe Biden is losing ground with the public as his nine-month-old presidency is facing several challenges at home and abroad. The commander-in-chief's job approval rating has dropped to 47% in another poll.

Trump attacks Biden for ‘humiliating, destroying US’

Former US President Donald Trump has strongly blasted the administration of Joe Biden over “two national crises, Afghanistan withdrawal and migrant crisis”. Trump says the United States is "a Nation humiliated like never before” and "is being destroyed".

‘Bennett disagrees with Biden on Iran, consulate for Palestine, settlements’

Reports say Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has recently said he pushed back against US President Joe Biden on Iran’s nuclear program, the reopening of the US consulate in East Jerusalem to handle Palestinian issues, and Israeli settlement building.

Biden criticizes treatment of Haitian migrants

US President Joe Biden on Friday decried the scene of border agents chasing Haitian migrants at the southern border and vowed to punish officials responsible.

Polls show Biden facing dropping approval rating

US President Joe Biden’s approval rating after eight months in office has dipped to 44 percent, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.

Erdogan: Turkey-US ties not ‘healthy’

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated that Ankara's ties with the United States are not healthy and that his relationship with US President Joe Biden remains strained.

Poll: 51% of Americans prefer Trump to Biden

Americans are split on whether Trump was a better president than his successor, Biden. Fifty-one percent of those surveyed say that Trump is the...

Republicans introduce articles of impeachment against Biden

A group of GOP lawmakers filed articles of impeachment against US President Joe Biden, citing his handling of the U.S.-Mexico border situation, attempting to expand the federal moratorium on evictions, and the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Russia regrets Biden’s UN speech

During his speech at the UN General Assembly, US President Joe Biden forgot to mention that relations must be built on the principle of mutual respect and the Kremlin regrets this fact, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday.

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