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Assassination attempt on Trump could reshape U.S. political landscape: ex-Iranian diplomat

Former Iranian diplomat Koroush Ahmadi says an assassination attempt on former US President Donald Trump could exacerbate uncertainty and instability within the Democratic camp, further complicating US President Joe Biden's position.

Biden viewed more positively than Trump in global poll

US President Joe Biden has received higher confidence ratings than former President Donald Trump in a new international survey.

Biden says Netanyahu prolonging Gaza war for political reasons

United States President Joe Biden has suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is prolonging the war on the Gaza Strip for political gains, an accusation that highlights the apparent tensions between the two leaders.

Biden: Israel offered proposal to ensure enduring cessation of Gaza war

US President Joe Biden says that Israel has offered a new "comprehensive proposal with a roadmap" that would lead to an enduring cessation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip as well as the release of all Hamas-held hostages.

Biden’s approval over Gaza war gets lowest mark yet in new poll

The approval rating for US President Joe Biden’s handling of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip has dropped to its lowest point in a new survey, as the fighting continues in the besieged enclave.

Biden faces impeachment for stalling arms transfer to Israel amid Gaza war

A Republican congressman filed articles of impeachment against US President Joe Biden for withholding deliveries of weapons to Israel amid the war in the Gaza Strip, that has so fare left 35,000 Palestinians dead.

Majority of Americans disapprove of Biden policy on Gaza

More than 70% of Americans do not approve of President Joe Biden’s policy on the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip which has so far killed almost 34,500.

Donors warn Biden’s Gaza policy ‘increasing chances’ of Trump victory

A group of more than 100 donors for the US Democratic Party sent a letter to President Joe Biden, warning him that his "unconditional support" for Israel's war on the besieged Gaza Strip is increasing his odds of losing the upcoming presidential election.

Survey shows nearly 60% of Americans believe Biden not respected by world leaders

The majority of Americans do not believe that President Joe Biden is held in high esteem by other world leaders, a poll by Gallup has revealed.

Lawsuit implicating Biden in Gaza ‘genocide’ gets expedited appeal

A US federal appeals court has granted a motion to expedite the appeal of a lawsuit that alleges President Joe Biden has failed to stop a genocide in the Gaza Strip.

Biden hopes for a ceasefire in Gaza by Monday

US President Joe Biden has stated that he hopes a ceasefire will be established in Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip by next Monday as negotiations to halt hostilities and secure the release of captives appear to gather pace.

US govt. employees to stage ‘Day of Fasting for Gaza’ to denounce Biden’s policies

US government employees of the group Feds United for Peace are planning a day of “fasting” in an attempt to raise awareness of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. The group is made up of dozens of officials who are against US President Joe Biden’s policies toward Israel, and had organized a walkout earlier this month, also in protest of Biden’s policies.

US judge deliberates suit accusing Biden of failing to stop genocide in Gaza

A US federal judge in California is studying testimony heard in a lawsuit against Joe Biden, who is being sued by a group of American Palestinians and aid groups, accusing the US president of failing to prevent genocide in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas says Biden has blood of Gaza children on hands

A senior official of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has stated US President Joe Biden’s hands are soaked in the blood of Palestinian children in Gaza.

Hamas raps US for repeating Israel’s allegations over “sexual violence”

Hamas has taken US President Joe Biden to task for waging a smear campaign against the Palestinian resistance movement following the surprise Operation Al-Aqsa Flood against Israel in early October.

70 percent of US voters aged 18-34 disapprove of Biden on Israel: Poll

An NBC News poll found that 70 percent of voters aged 18-34 disapprove of US President Joe Biden's handling of Israel's war on Gaza.

Analyst: Biden needs Iran nuclear deal for re-election

US President Joe Biden needs something more than the prisoner exchange with Iran to use as a trump card for the upcoming presidential election, a political analyst says amid media reports that a nuclear deal between Tehran and Washington is on the horizon.

Biden Iran envoy holds talks with Arab states over JCPOA

The lead US negotiator in the Vienna talks and representatives from the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC), Egypt and Jordan have discussed ongoing nuclear negotiations aimed at reviving the Iran nuclear deal.

Biden: Supplies of petroleum sufficient to reduce purchase from Iran

US President Joe Biden says there are sufficient supplies of petroleum to allow a “significant reduction” in the amount purchased from Iran.

Shamkhani: Powerless US president not ready to give guarantees

The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council says the “powerless” president of the United States is not ready to give any assurances that Washington will abide by the nuclear deal, JCPOA, after returning to the agreement.

Analysts: ‘No Plan B’ for Biden If nuclear deal fails

Analysts are raising the alarm over failure to revive the Iran nuclear deal, saying in that case there would be ‘no Plan B’ for US President Joe Biden.

Biden says US suffering from Trump’s withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

US President Joe Biden has stated the United States is "continuing to suffer" from former President Donald Trump's decision to pull Washington out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Biden to discuss Iran with E3 at G20

US President Jo Biden will hold talks with European leaders over Iran nuclear programme on Saturday on the sidelines of the G20 (Group of 20) summit in Italy, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Thursday.

Poll: Biden sees sharpest popularity drop for any US leader since WW II

The approval rating of US President Joe Biden plunged in his first nine months of presidency more than any other US president since 1945, a new survey shows.

Poll shows just 37% approve Biden performance

A new survey shows only 37 percent of Americans approve of the job US President Joe Biden is doing, alongside a significant drop in support among independent voters.

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