Biden viewed more positively than Trump in global poll

US President Joe Biden has received higher confidence ratings than former President Donald Trump in a new international survey.

The new survey from the Pew Research Center found that a median of 43 percent of respondents across 34 nations have confidence that Biden will do the right thing in global affairs, while 28 percent had the same confidence in Trump.

The poll also found that eight countries, including Ghana, Greece, Nigeria, Israel, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Turkey, had no statistically significant difference in respondents’ ratings of Biden and Trump. Trump, meanwhile, received higher ratings than Biden in just Tunisia and Hungary.

Pew noted that the gap is more prominent in European countries, with Biden’s confidence rating at least 40 percentage points higher than Trump’s in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.

The poll also included questions on how Biden is handling major global issues, including climate change, economic problems, China and the wars in Gaza and Ukraine.

Respondents were split on how Biden is handling climate change and global economic problems, with about 44 percent saying they disapprove of how he is addressing those issues and 43 percent saying they approve.

Forty-five percent disapproved of how Biden is handling China, while 39 percent said they approved. The president got his most negative ratings in response to how he is addressing the Israel-Hamas war, with 57 percent saying that they disapprove.

The poll also found that a median of 4 in 10 people across the 34 countries say that the U.S. used to be a good example of democracy. Twenty-two percent said it was never a good example and 21 percent said it was still a good example, according to the median of the 34 countries.

The poll was conducted using telephone, face-to-face and online interviews with help from Gallup, Langer Research Associates, Social Research Centre and Verian. Pew noted that the results are based on national samples.

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