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Iranian Artists

Engraving Art; Unique Manifestation of Iranian Culture, History

Toreutics or the art of engraving patterns on metal objects is a traditional art in Iran that has long been practised by many people in different parts of the country.

Iranian Artist Depicts Human Impact on Environment

Rash is the title of an exhibition of paintings by Ali Mo’ameri, which deals with the negative impacts of human interference on the environment and nature.

Prominent Iranian Actor Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz Dies at 90

Illustrious Iranian actor Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz has passed away at the age of 90 in Tehran.

Three Iranian Films in 2020 Sheffield Doc/Fest

Sheffield International Documentary Festival (SIDF) is going to screen three Iranian films in its 2020 edition.

Iranian Acid Attack Victims Turn into Fashion Models

An Iranian institute has picked a number of female victims of acid attack as clothing models.

Female Iranian Calligrapher Writes Out Entire Quran with Gold Ink

An Iranian calligrapher, who is said to be the second female calligrapher of the Muslim world, has written the entire Quran in the naskh style of calligraphy using gold ink.

Winners of COVID-19 Cartoon Festival to Be Displayed at Iran’s Urban Sites

Organizers of an international cartoon festival on the battle with coronavirus have decided to display a preview of the award-winning works at the public places of various Iranian cities.

Iranian Artist Designs Badge to Appreciate Nurses’ Efforts against COVID-19

An Iranian artists has created a work of art to appreciate the efforts of nurses who are risking their lives to take care of COVID-19 patients.

Iran Holds Painting Contest for Kids Quarantined at Home

Tehran’s Golestan Gallery has held a painting competition for children during the days of COVID-19  lockdown.

A Closer Look at Iranian Version of Banksy

Wosartt is the nickname of a young talented Iranian artist, who has found so many fans among the youngsters in society as the Iranian version of Banksy.

Iranian Actor Sajjad Delafrooz Turning into Bollywood Superstar

Bollywood always reminds us of popular superstars, such as Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan. But it is great to know that nowadays an Iranian actor, Sajjad Delafrooz, has mesmerized Indians with his acting talent and he is probably in the path of turning into the next Bollywood superstar.

‘Cultural Development Can Turn Corona Threat into Opportunity’

An Iranian cultural official says the development of cultural and artistic exchanges and fostering of humanitarian values can turn the threat of coronavirus pandemic into an opportunity.

Netflix to Stream Remastered Versions of Kiarostami’s Films

The world's leading provider of online entertainment service Netflix is going to offer the remastered versions of a number of movies directed by late Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami.

Iranian Artists Produce Mask at Hafez Hall of Tehran

A number of Iranian theatre, television and music artists have set up a charity workshop to produce masks at the Hafez Hall of Tehran amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Iran Praises Artists, Media for Their Contribution to Fight against COVID-19

A senior Iranian official has commended the role played by art and media sectors in the campaign against the COVID-19 outbreak.

Art Dubai Online Catalogue Displaying Iranian Works of Art

As the outbreak of coronavirus has postponed the 14th edition of Art Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, organizers of the international fair have exhibited the works of art from a number of Iranian galleries in the online catalogue of the event.

Iranian Artist Tells How It Is to Spend 10 Years in Self-Isolation

While the outbreak of coronavirus in the world has turned self-isolation into an effective precautionary measure to protect the people’s health, an Iranian artist tells the story of his reclusive life over the past 10 years, saying that living in quarantine is not as difficult as it may seem.

In a First, Big-Budget Iranian Film to Premiere on VOD amid COVID-19

Famous Iranian director Ebrahim Hatamikia has decided to premier his long-awaited film “Exodus” through Video-On-Demand system as all cinemas are closed over the spread of coronavirus.

Several Natl. Icons Rush to Help Needy Amid COVID-19 Outbreak in Iran

Several Iranian world champions as well as a renowned actor have rolled up their sleeves to reach out to needy families amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Iran Expresses Solidarity with World on COVID-19 in Videomapping Event

Tehran has hosted a videomapping event at the iconic Azadi Tower to express solidarity with the world amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Iranian Singers Giving Online Concerts to Lift People’s Spirits amid Lockdown

Iranian singers have started giving online concerts to entertain the people who have locked themselves up at homes amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In Letter to Foreign Colleagues, Iranian Artists Urge Action against US Sanctions

A group of Iranian artists engaged in various fields have written a letter to their colleagues in the foreign countries to raise awareness about the urgent need for collective action against the coronavirus epidemic and call for action against the US sanctions that have impeded Iran’s battle with COVID-19.

Iranian Maestro Hooshang Zarif Dies at 81

Renowned Iranian master of “tar”, instrument Hooshang Zarif has passed away at the age of 81 in Tehran.

Sculpture Symposium Underway in Iran’s Isfahan

The Isfahan Sculpture Symposium is being in the central Iranian city, featuring novel ideas by Iranian artists.

Iranian Artist Releases Work on How to Fight Coronavirus

Prominent Iranian designer Hamid Bahrami has released a work in which he illustrates the ways to prevent the COVID-19 disease.

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