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An archive of news and views about the 2016 parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections held in Iran

Iran Election Turnout 33mln So Far: Official

Iran’s Interior Ministry spokesman said on Saturday morning that early results from Friday’s parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections show that more than 33 million people have voted as of this time.

Election Day in Iran’s provinces (PHOTOS)

Iranian nation from across the country participated in the Election Day of the Parliament and Assembly of Experts on Friday. The following images have been released by Mehr News Agencies:    

Big elections turnout shows Iran standing tall: Iranian cleric

A senior Iranian cleric says the massive turnout in the country’s vital double elections is indicative of the fact that the 1979 Islamic Revolution continues to thrive.

Iranians vote in parliamentary, Assembly elections

Iranians vote in two crucial elections as the country looks to a post-sanction period to rebuild its economy and shape its relations with the outside world.

MPs’ Bravery and Freedom Will Help Safeguard Iran’s Nature and Biological Diversity

The Head of the Environmental Protection Organization listed Iran’s environmental problems with reference to the upcoming Parliamentary Elections, asking the people to help her enact the policies laid out by the Supreme Leader by...

Nearly 500 reporters from 29 countries heading to cover Iran election news

Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance announced that 473 reporters from 29 countries have so far confirmed their presence in Iran to cover the February 26 elections in Iran. The journalists are coming to...

Zarif: People by their vote will insure success of diplomacy

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in an interview with Persian daily Iran has touched upon various topics. Commenting on the coming elections, Mr. Zarif while underlining the importance of massive participation of people...

Religious Minorities Will Vote in Elections as Seriously as Other Citizens

Prominent figures from religious minorities in West Azerbaijan Province, in a gathering arranged by the IRNA news agency, said that religious minorities are inseparable parts of the Iranian nation and take part in all aspects of life. This includes the upcoming elections, where they will vote alongside their compatriots.

Election Campaigns Officially Started in Iran

The election campaigns officially began in Iran on Thursday, and will last until the end of next Wednesday, February 24. The nationwide votes for the parliament and the Assembly of Experts will be held...

“Group 5+1” Electoral List to Be Put to Vote in Iran’s Elections

Almost a week before the February 26 elections for Iran’s parliament and Assembly of Experts, several groups and political figures including the two major parties of Iran, the reformists and the conservatives, are releasing...