Sunday, June 23, 2024

Tabriz mayor honors top Iranian nano scientist

The mayor and members of the Islamic Council of the Iranian city of Tabriz honor Dr. Soodabeh Davaran, a professor of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and a top scientist of the nano field, during Teknofest scientific event. Ms. Davaran has won several medals at different events including the European academy of inventors and a gold medal at the Teknofest festival.

She said at the latest event that her great honor was to elevate the place of Iranian women and introduce the city of Tabriz to the world.

The Iranian scientist presented the innovative design of new nanocomposite dressings containing antibiotic drugs and plant extracts that have strong antimicrobial properties and show low drug resistance.

According to Ms. Davaran, the results of this research project found that natural bioactive agents, including plant extracts, are proper alternatives to synthetic counterparts and are used for the treatment of human infections, the handling of wounds. They are also used in food industry, agriculture, and veterinary medicine.

Teknofest high-tech festival is held every year. Many organizations and universities as well as research centers which play an important role in technological development take part in the event.

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