Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Stray dogs are collected and rehomed in Tehran

A project has been launched in the capital to rehome wandering dogs and treat those suffering from rabies.

A collaborative project by Tehran Municipality and animal rights organizations got underway in Darakeh, north of Tehran, on Friday to collect stray dogs and fit them with GPS tracking collars.

Etemad daily on February 21 filed a report on the animal-friendly project. The following is a brief translation of the report:


The project aims to treat homeless dogs in fixed periods of time and save them from diseases such as rabies.

Reza Ghadimi, who is in charge of organizing businesses and industries in Tehran, said that the project is meant to protect animals, adding that over the past year no stray dog has been killed, not even one.

After being vaccinated, the dogs become traceable thanks to the yellow collars they wear which are equipped with GPS, he said, adding this way the non-domesticated animals can receive periodic treatment.

Ghadimi further said that Tehran Municipality and a number of NGOs have joined hands to carry out this collaborative project which intends to help the strays and promote the culture of protecting the animals.


In addition to animal advocacy groups, he went on to say, 12 teams of veterinarians have joined the project to help with the vaccination of the canines. He added as many as 3,000 dogs have been equipped with GPS tracking collars over the past year.


The Municipality is planning to provide food to these dogs in order to prevent them from straying into residential areas in the capital.


The project helps 20 percent of unclaimed dogs – which are of good breed and have been simply abandoned – get rid of a homeless and unprotected life, and be used as watchdogs in [government] organizations and institutions instead.

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