Thursday, June 13, 2024

Iran welcomes proposal for negotiations between Iranian and Saudi foreign ministers, says preparations underway

Days after the announcement of an agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia for the resumption of diplomatic relations, the spokesman for the foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomed the proposal for negotiation between the foreign ministers of the two countries.

Nasser Kanaani, in his weekly press conference on Monday, said the foreign ministries of the two countries are making preparations for the meeting and contact between the foreign ministers and “we hope that this meeting will take place in the near future. There have been some agreements on the venue of the meeting and an announcement will be made in this regard.”

The spokesman for the diplomacy apparatus also answered a question on resumption of ties between Iran and Bahrain.

He said the recent major diplomatic development can have positive consequences for the regional ties of Iran and other countries.

Kanaani added that the relations between Iran and Bahrain are no exception.

“Fortunately, with the positive atmosphere we see in the region, this positive development can also take place with regard to other regional countries, including Bahrain,” he said.

The foreign ministry spokesman added, “On the issue of negotiations for the removal of anti-Iran sanctions and the revival of the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), numerous messages are being exchanged between Iran and the US through mediaries that are playing roles in the process.

Also, on the issue of prisoners’ swap between Iran and the US, we already signed a written agreement through the mediaries.”

He also talked about the process of the nuclear negotiations and said, “Seeing the poor record of the US not to adhere to its commitments, Iran believes in the necessity of securing verifiable guarantees to ensure the US’s commitment to the new agreement and follows the issue in the same path.”

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