Friday, February 3, 2023

Southern Iran Major Habitat for Seabirds

The coastal regions of Bushehr province in southern Iran are one of the most important natural habitats of seabirds and wading birds.

These migratory birds come from the countries to the north of Iran and Siberia and go to stay in areas in the south.

Bushehr province boasts intact areas and pristine nature, making it a major habitat for different types of animals, says a top provincial environment protection official. Bushehr is home to different types of habitats for rate species of flora and fauna. The protected areas on Bushehr’s coastline and islands are natural habitats for different types of native and migratory birds and serve as a major hub for the reproduction of seabirds in the Middle East.

There are several species of birds in Bushehr which make the atmosphere all the more pleasant for visitors and locals.

One of the interesting forms of entertainment is feeding seabirds which is one of the favourite pastimes of tourists in winter.

The following are images of seabirds on Bushehr coastline retrieved from IRNA.

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