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Iran’s Sistan & Baluchestan; Home to Most Exotic Fruits

Sistan and Baluchestan province in south-eastern Iran is falsely known as “a deprived region” while it enjoys a wide range of unique attractions and natural resources, including exotic fruits.

Sistan and Baluchestan is so naturally nice that some resemble it to heaven, saying that God has re-created a corner of the heaven in the province. Meanwhile, its unique, exotic fruits serve a main surprise.

Beside its unlimited natural capacities, the province which is known as the Land of One-Thousand Treasures is highly rich in various terms of agricultural produces.

Suitable Weather Conditions for Exotic Fruits’ Cultivation

The farmers of Sistan and Baluchestan plant and harvest some special tropical fruits, which are not found in other parts of Iran, thanks to the province’s four-season climate. Most Iranians have not even heard the names of these exotic fruits, let alone tasting them.

The warm, wet and almost tropical climate of Sistan and Baluchestan has turned it into a regional hub for various tropical fruits with tastes.

Phalsa, guava, chikoo (sapodilla), sitaphal (sugar-apple), papaya,jambolan (Java plum), tamarind, tropical almond (locally called biddam), jujube, mango, and banana are among the wide range of exotic fruits  planted and harvested only in this south-eastern province.

Fertile Soil

Due to its proximity to the Oman Sea and the Indian Ocean, Sistan and Baluchestan has a highly fertile soil for raising various tropical agricultural produces.

The province’s most fertile regions are located in the south; around cities like Saravan, Mehrestan, Sib Souran, Khash, Chabahar, Konarak, Nikshahr, Qasr-e Qand, Fanouj, Bampour and Sarbaz are among

Each year, 6,400 acres of the southern regions are under cultivation of tropical fruits. Most of the fruits are of special quality in terms of taste and odor. Therefore, they are also highly used in various industries like food and pharmaceutical industries.

Exotic Fruits’ Use in Industries

Among the fruits used in these industries, one can refer to papaya which is used for treating various wounds and cancers. It is also helpful for having a healthy kidney and fine hair. Jambolan is also helpful in regulating heart beats and treating anemia.

Tropical fruits receive a great deal of attention due to their growing conditions and organic features. Chabahar’s banana is of high quality which is unique across the country. It is more delicious compared with imported ones, whose size and colour is always misleading.

For planting the fruits in Sistan and Baluchestan no toxic materials is used. This comes as various toxics at various volumes are used for planting imported fruits.

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