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Sheikh al-Raees Ibn Sina mausoleum under a blanket of snow

Hamedan is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran, with a long history that goes back to thousands of years, as the capital of different Iranian dynasties, including Medes.

This has given Hamedan numerous sights to see, just like many other key cities in the history of Iran.

One of the most important such sights in Hamedan is the mausoleum of the great world-renowned physician and philosopher Abou Ali Sina – Avicenna — which is a must-see venue for any traveler, who visits Hamedan.

The Mausoleum of Sheikh al-Raees Ibn Sina – the title he is known by in Iran and in many other countries – is located in a square of the same name in Hamedan.

In 1945, a design competition was held for the mausoleum. Housahng Seihoon was the architecture student, who won the contest.

Mohsen Foroughi, the former Dean of the Campus of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran and founder of the Iranian Architects’ Association, and Andre Godar, the former technical director of the Ancient Iran Museum, assigned Seihoon to execute the project as a prize for his win.

The structure was completed in 1951 and later that year was transferred under the protection of the Association of National Assets. The mausoleum is now an eye-catching attraction, especially in the winter when it is blanketed by snow.

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