Shargh to Iran govt.: Don’t waste time on nuclear deal if you do not want it

Iranian daily Shargh has published an article calling on the government “not to waste the time of the country” with shaking its leg on the talks for a revival of the nuclear deal, if it does not want to return to the agreement.

Shargh said the government would better think that no such thing as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) ever exits and that the sanctions are there to remain and cannot be removed.

“Under such circumstances, there is no alternative but finding local and non-global solutions,” the paper wrote.

At least, Shargh wrote, Iran should tie the economy to the eastern countries such as China and Russia as well as neighbors.

“We should also leave the global banking system for now and advance the economy with bartering,” it added.

According to Shargh, Iran can limit the clients of its oil to China and a few other countries and prepare a development plan that is more than anything reliant on domestic capabilities.

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