Tuesday, February 7, 2023

US Safe Zone Plan in Syria Doomed to Failure: Iranian MP

An Iranian MP says the plan by the US and a number of the regional countries to set up a safe zone in Syria is definitely doomed to failure.

The Iranian parliamentarian, Mohammd-Ebrahim Rezaei, said the US and a number of Middle Eastern states seek to establish a safe zone in Syria, but they will undoubtedly fail to press ahead with their plan.

According to a Farsi report by ICANA, commenting on the next round of Astana talks, scheduled to be held on March 14 and 15, Rezaei noted that providentially, at present, the Syrian army and the Resistance Axis have managed to make great achievements [in establishing peace and ensuring security] in Syria.

This is while, some Western nations seek to shift the equation in Syria, he added.

“Lately, the officials of the Zionist regime have initiated their political moves and activities to exert their own desired impacts on the situation in the country. They are greatly concerned about being faced with a powerful and resistant nation following the end of the terrorism crisis in Syria.”

He said over the past few years, Western and Arab countries have provided terrorists in Syria with all-out supports, adding at present, they seek to cover up their former heinous and bloody crimes against the nation.

“The Zionist regime, as one of the main sponsors of terrorism in Syria, is, currently, presenting itself as a leading country in combating terrorist groups, masquerading as a fighter against the ISIS.”

At present, the sponsors of terrorism [in Syria] seek to link themselves with the ongoing trend of Syria [political] peace talks to restore their lost status within the international community, as they have failed to achieve any of their goals in the country by providing terrorist groups with armaments as well as military and financial assistance.

“The Americans, along with a number of regional states, seek to go ahead with the plan of creating a safe zone in Syria, which is definitely doomed to failure as those who are currently making decisions about the Syrian issue, are cognizant enough to prevent any interference by the supporters of terrorism in the process of deciding about the country’s future.”

Referring to the US military presence in the Syrian territory, he said such a move by the US government would only be aimed at saving the country from worldwide infamy and ignominy.

“No doubt, the presence of a few hundreds of US soldiers in Syria will fail to have any impact on the equations in the country. By such moves, the US only aims to shift public opinion in its favour and escape any future judgement by the international community.”

The next international meeting on settling the Syrian crisis will be held in Astana on March 14-15, the press service of Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on March 9.

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