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Raisi Russia visit: “Diplomatic Balance”

A visit by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to Moscow and his meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia is hitting the headlines in Iran.

Aftabe Yazd

  1. Key visit
  • A report on the Iranian president’s visit to Russia and his meeting with Putin
  1. Russia expert Hassan Beheshtipour: The Vienna talks are independent from the president’s visit to Russia, but part of the visit’s agenda will definitely affect the Vienna negotiations

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"


Armane Melli:

  1. Look to Kremlin; Not just Beijing

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"



  1. Diplomatic balance; reward of the visit to Moscow
  • The visit by Ebrahim Raisi to Russia will lead to long-term cooperation in the New World Order
  1. The first vice president during the cabinet meeting:
  • The visit by Ayatollah Raisi to Russia is a dimension of the fundamental change in international relations by the government

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"



  1. Expansion of ties without a limit
  • Putin: Convey my greetings and wishes for the good health of the Supreme Leader of Iran to him

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"



  1. Putin: We have a far-reaching agenda ahead us
  2. Raisi: Relations between Iran and Russia are strategic and unlimited

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"



  1. On the strategic path
  • Bilateral cooperation in the fields of infrastructure, energy, banking and a leap in trade between the two countries, the main agenda of the talks

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"



  1. History-making meeting in the East
  • President, in a meeting experts believe will increase the pace of Iran’s relations with the East, held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin
  1. Neglected side of the relations between Iran and Russia will be attended to?
  • Experts: the meeting between Raisi and Putin strengthens the pillars of Tehran-Moscow ties
  1. The secret behind attempts against the Tehran-Moscow axis (Editorial)

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"



  1. Designing the elements of the strategic relations in the Raisi-Putin negotiation

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"



  1. New chapter in Iran-Russia relations

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"



  1. Teheran and Moscow without any halt

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"


Siasate Rooz:

  1. The logical approach of Tehran and Moscow (Editorial)

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"



  1. Raisi: Threat of sanctions does not block Iran’s progress
  2. Putin: Far-reaching agenda facing the two countries

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"



  1. Kremlin; Setting off neighborliness diplomacy

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"



  1. Raisi in talks with Putin: We hope efforts lead to removal of sanctions

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"


Vatane Emrooz:

  1. Time for strategic ties

Raisi Russia visit: "Diplomatic Balance"

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