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Rafsanjani: New criterion for cooperation among Muslim World should be defined

Chairman of the Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said on Monday that all should do their best to adopt a new yardstick to promote cooperation among the Muslim World as disputes will result in insecurity in the region and spoil facilities of Islamic states.


Rafsanjani made the remarks in a meeting with the new Saudi Ambassador to Tehran Abdur-Rahman bin Gharman al-Shahri.

Referring to the status of Iran and Saudi Arabia in regional developments, Rafsanjani said ambassadors play vital role on expansion of relations and cooperation between governments.

Rafsanjani highlighted the significant roles of ambassadors in bringing world nations much closer.

He wished the Saudi ambassador to be successful during his tenure in Iran.

Close cooperation and coordination between Iran and Saudi Arabia in dealing with regional developments as well as those in the Muslim World will deprive the intruders of sowing discord among Muslim sects, he said.

If Ulema were to resolve differences, the hardliners and extremists could not kill the people and divide the Islamic states which is to the benefit of arrogant powers, he said.

The Muslim World with a population over 1.7 billion in some 60 independent states with huge access to sources of energy and strategic locations with full of religious and cultural commonalties fail to make use of their capabilities in rendering services to the World Muslims, he said.

Expansion of cooperation and relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia would meet mutual interests and help improve the status of other Islamic countries, he said.

The new Saudi ambassador, for his part, conveyed the special greetings of Saudi King and Crown Prince to Rafsanjani and said the Saudi officials and its people attach importance to your status and hereby I would like to re-extend the invitation of Saudi King to you to pay a visit to Saudi Arabia.

Developments leave transient impacts on relations but all should mind cultural and historical affinities which consolidate us as Muslim, he said.

The new approach adopted by the government of President Hassan Rouhani has left positive impacts on Iran-Saudi Arabia ties and with other Islamic states, said the Saudi ambassador.

Exchange of visits between the Iranian and Saudi officials help broaden and deepen relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, he said adding that it is expected the visits of foreign ministry officials to prepare the ground for the visit of high ranking officials.


Islamic Republic News Agency
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