President Rouhani Hails Launch of IRGC’s Military Satellite

President Rouhani Hails Launch of IRGC’s Military Satellite

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has praised the launch of a military satellite by the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps saying that such moves show the country is continuing its activities despite the spread of the coronavirus.

Rouhani said on Thursday the launch of the Noor satellite is both a blessing for the country and a sign that all efforts in such conditions are worthwhile.

Speaking in a video conference to inaugurate several projects in the southern Fars province, the president added that Iran is proving to the world that despite difficulties it is going ahead with its activities.

Iran’s IRGC said on Wednesday it had successfully launched the country’s first military satellite into orbit.

The military craft, named Noor, flew into orbit on top of a multi-stage Qased rocket.
The satellite was deployed into orbit after the Qased rocket flew southeast from the Shahroud base.

The US Space Command has approved that the Islamic Republic successfully launched the military satellite into orbit.

Iranian Satellite Launched into Orbit

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