Thursday, June 13, 2024

Policeman in Iranian city rescues man after respiratory assault

A video has made the rounds on social media in Iran that shows a policeman rescuing a person in the Iranian city of Khorramdarreh after the man collapsed due to a sudden respiratory distress.

Iranian social media users have praised the conscientiousness of the officer who has been identified as Lieutenant Hamid Kordbacheh.

The cop said the man was buying a perfume from a peddler when he, suddenly, fell down on the ground and began to shiver extremely after inhaling the perfumes.

Lieutenant Kordbacheh added that he rushed to the scene and saw the man’s lips and face getting bruised, which showed he was unable to breathe.

The officer said (and the footage shows) that he quickly turned the man to his side and opened his airway with a device at hand, and luckily he was able to breathe again.

Following this, the policeman informs the emergency department of Khorramdareh, which sends an ambulance and quickly takes the man to a nearby hospital.

The incident has made Lieutenant Kordbacheh very popular with people of the city in Zanjan Province.

Meanwhile, the commander of the Khorramdareh police department has said many citizens called the law enforcement organization to thank Mr. Kordbacheh for saving the life of the man shown in the footage.

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