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‘Persian Medicine Can Minimize Chance of Contracting COVID-19’

Persian medicine can boost the immune system of the human body and help relieve our stress and concerns associated with the coronavirus outbreak, says an expert.

An expert of Persian medicine also known as traditional Iranian medicine (TIM) says this method of treatment regards the body as a whole to purge it of illness.

“Basically, Persian medicine does not claim to be doing miracles or to be able to do something strange and out of the ordinary. Persian medicine follows a holistic approach and regards all aspects of health. We are supposed to use Persian medicine alongside conventional medicine to help improve individuals’ health,” said Alireza Yarqoli in a live interview on Instagram with Mehr News Agency.

Asked how Persian medicine can help mitigate underlying health conditions, the said, “Persian medicine believes if you pour the highest-quality milk into a poison-tainted container, the milk will get contaminated, too. So, we pay attention to cleanup of the body as a container. In 90 percent of the cases, we begin treatment with cleanup,” he said.


Six-fold Practices for Health and Fighting COVID-19

He said there are six fundamental health principles in Persian medicine, the most important of which is doing physical exercise.

“Unfortunately, the number of people doing sports has decreased during the quarantine period, which, in turn, has given rise to new diseases,” he noted.

“The second principle is foods and drinks, and a lack of anxiety and getting enough sleep are among other principles which heavily contribute to boosting the immune system,” he added.

He said Persian medicine seeks to rectify individuals’ lifestyles, saying, “In many cases, many of our problems are solved by doing simple exercises.”


Boosting Immune System with Most Common Foods

We believe calm, a lack of anxiety and enough and good sleep will boost the body’s immune system, a fact which has been ignored and which has no cost. We should also keep in mind that if we have anxiety, no food will effectively improve the immune system. 

After that, we can go for food complements; citrus fruit was abundant on the market at the season when the COVID-19 virus broke out. We urged people to use it. For instance, if orange skin, garlic or liquorice can be brewed and used as tea.


Workout, Enough Sleep Effective in Preventing COVID-19 Infection

He recommends doing exercise as one of the ways of preventing the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

“After several months of experience, the most important practices that I can recommend for boosting the immune system and making people stronger is to do physical exercise for one minute 15 times a day. We can do this in any job we have. We should also get enough sleep,” he says.


Let’s Not Get Body Engaged in Digestion of Food

The expert recommends taking light food in order to ease pressure on the stomach.

“Our first action is to not get the body engaged in the digestion of food, so we should eat light food,” he says.

He says foods that are hard to digest or fried foods are not recommended.

Smell Things to Get Calm

He says one of the best things that can improve the immune system is to spray rose water. We can also brew chamomile and add rose water before drinking. You may add lime as well.


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