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Peculiar Inheritance Makes Iranian Woman Exporter of Honey

A bee yard that Iranian old lady Fatemeh Mostafavi had inherited from her father has become a source of livelihood and a family business for her, helping her find foreign customers for the high-quality honey.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about patrimony is usually a late father’s estate and money, but Fatemeh Mostafavi has inherited a bee yard from her father 50 years ago.

Her father’s bee yard in the province of Zanjan became such a lucrative source of livelihood that she could raise 12 children with the honey bee business.

Ms. Mostafavi’s father was a renowned beekeeper in Koohsar city and taught his daughter how to run a bee farm.

Fatemeh continued to run and expand the business after marrying Rajab Ali Shojaee, and now owns a large apiary with at least 80 beehives.

The hives are kept in their family garden and a number of them are relocated to nearby mountainous areas in the summertime to produce more and higher quality honey.

The product of their family business has loyal customers, even from the foreign countries.

What follows are Fars News Agency’s photos of her efforts to keep her family business alive:

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