Opiozi; A Traditional Dish from Southern Iran

Opiozi is a dish that is mostly cooked in Dezful in southern Iran, but is also cooked in some parts of Qeshm Island. 

This food is prepared very quickly and is the best option if you have little time to cook.

After a few minutes a hot, delicious meal is ready. Walnut, sugar, turmeric, pomegranate paste, onions, eggs, salt, pepper, and dried bread are used to make this dish.


Oil: 3-4 tbsp

Onions: 2 medium-sized

Pomegranate paste: 1 cup

Pepper, salt, turmeric: As much as needed

Water: 2 cups


Chop onions and fry. Add the pepper, turmeric, spices and salt and sauté more. Pour the water and after a few minutes of boiling, add the pomegranate paste. After some minutes the food is ready, pour the stew on the dried bread and eat it after mixing.

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