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Nowruz Khani, a tradition marking arrival of spring in Guilan

One of the traditional customs and rituals in Guilan Province is Nowruz Khani – or singing to mark Persian New Year, Nowruz.

Nowruz Khan – the singer in the tradition – takes a walking stick and, accompanied by other singers and a number of children and other locals, walks through a route among different neighborhoods, orchards and farmlands in the village.

Upon entry into each new place, the Nowruz Khan takes up new eulogies of the Imams from the infallible household of Prophet Mohammad, and also sings local verses, and congratulates the residents and the households on the arrival of the spring.

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They, in turn, reward the cohort offering them sweets, walnuts, eggs, etc. The ritual is symbolically practiced at Guilan Museum of Rural Heritage a week before Nowruz, which falls on March 21 every year.

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