Saturday, February 24, 2024

No Action by US, Yet, to Make up for Past Mistakes: Rouhani

The Iranian president says the US administration still has not taken any practical steps to compensate for the mistakes of the Trump administration and make good on their commitments.

President Hassan Rouhani said Washington even prevented Iran from procuring medical equipment and medicines for coronavirus patients.

“The US pressed ahead with an act of terror for three years and keeps doing it even now. They blocked all of our financial resources. They created problems for many of our activities and exports,” said Rouhani on Tuesday.

“We even faced so many problems for buying coronavirus vaccines. The criminal US government has committed a major crime against the Iranian nation,” he added.

“Even the current US administration, which says the previous administration made a mistake and chose the wrong path and says wants to make up for those mistakes, has not adopted any tangible action since two months ago when it took office,” said the president.

He said if the White House takes practical action to deliver on its commitments, it will benefit all.

“What is important is action, and they should walk the walk, and if they take practical steps, it will not only benefit the Iranian nation. In the first place, it will be in the interests of their own people. It will also be in the interests of Iran, the region and international organizations,” President Rouhani explained.

“If they take practical steps, it will be beneficial for international obligations as well. I hope they will act rationally and step in the direction of the law,” he added.

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