Thursday, February 29, 2024

Next US Administration Should Bow to Iranian Nation’s Will: Rouhani

The Iranian president says whoever wins the US presidential election, the next US administration should succumb to the will of the Iranian nation.

President Hassan Rouhani noted on Thursday that the US should also submit to the international law and principles.

“It doesn’t matter who will win the US presidential election as the results may be announced by tonight or tomorrow. Whoever wins, the next US administration should bow to [the will of] the Iranian nation,” he said.


“They have no other choice but to give in to law, regulations, the pressure of public opinion, the patience and resistance of this great nation, which has withstood both the coronavirus pandemic over the past eight months and sanctions as well as hardships, and managed to stand up to all this pressure,” said the president.

He hit out at the White House for slapping sanctions on Iran amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have always been under pressure and sanctions, but not an economic war, especially at a time of the coronavirus pandemic,” said President Rouhani.

“At a time when our people needed medicine and medical equipment, this man who is in office at the White House ruthlessly intensified the sanctions, even during the coronavirus outbreak. He intensified the war.”

The president said US officials do not comply with international law. “They did not abide by any principles, neither humane and human rights principles, nor laws and international regulations. But I’m confident that the Iranian nation will emerge victorious at the end of the day.”

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