Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Newly-Developed Eye Band Aid Can Prevent Blindness

Researchers at an Iranian knowledge-based company have made a temporary eye band aid that can be used in eye trauma to prevent blindness in less than a minute.

Azam Zare, executive director of the knowledge-based company, says the product is used in ophthalmic trauma and can prevent blindness in a short period of time.

She added that when the eye is traumatised and the eyeball ruptures, the doctor should treat the trauma within a short time. “When applied to the damaged eye, it can close the eyeball in less than a minute and prevent blindness,” she noted.

“We used synthetic polymers in the production of this eye band. All the raw materials for the production of this temporary eye band are resourced from within the country,” she said.

Zare went on to say that the foreign samples of the band are available, but no domestic sample was available and “we have been able to obtain its technical knowledge.”

Newly-Developed Eye Band Aid Can Prevent Blindness
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“The price of the temporary samples of this band aid is $200, but the price of our product is 10 dollars, which is one-tenth of the foreign sample and can save a lot of money,” she maintained.

This band does not need microscope. It is compatible with the shape and dimensions of the injury, and it enjoys a unique technology with a reasonable price.

The executive director of this knowledge-based company emphasised that this product has entered the industry from the university, noting that currently the laboratory sample of the product has been produced and is scheduled to enter the market next year.

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