Nano-Indicators Developed to Determine Freshness of Food Products

Nano-Indicators Developed to Determine Freshness of Food Products

Iranian researchers have managed to design and manufacture heat-sensitive nano-fibres as a new indicator of food freshness.

A member of the executive team says everyone is aware of the effect of temperature on the quality of food products, medicines and biological compounds. Temperature-time indicators, briefly called TTIs, are simple and inexpensive equipment to monitor these effects.

These identifiers can be designed as small labels that provide a visual expression of the thermal history of the product being maintained, he said.

Using these indicators, he said, the consumer can determine whether the food product is placed in a hot or cold place at a fixed temperature.

The designed system is capable of exhibiting a distinct colour change when the temperature exceeds 35° Celsius.

He added that the use of these indicators would be very useful, especially for exported products of the country, which take longer to reach the consumer.

For example; Food products, medicines and biological compounds that require transportation can be safeguarded in a portable fridge for car.

The domesticisation of the technical knowledge of the production of these indicators, which was in control of a few countries, is one of the benefits of this research achievement.

In addition, in the present study, the nano-leaf structures have been used to increase the level of sensitivity.

This Iranian scientist added that the proposal to implement the project has won a $12,000 research grant from the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS).

“The production of these indicators in the country can be seen as a breakthrough in the food and pharmaceutical packaging industry,” he concluded.

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