Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Mistreatment of Afghan nationals by police is totally unacceptable: Official

After the release of a video featuring police mistreatment of a group of Afghan nationals, the Iranian top law enforcement officer ordered a full investigation.

On December 20, Tasnim News Agency quoted Deputy Police Chief for Social AffairsBrigadier General Saeed Montazer al-Mahdi as saying that mistreatment of Afghan nationals at the hands of the police is unacceptable. His comments came after the release of a video in which a police officer mistreats a group of Afghan nationals triggered a backlash. The following is the translation of what the website posted:

Immediately after the news emerged, Iran’s police chief ordered a thorough investigation into the incident to determine where and when it had happened. He also wanted those involved to be identified so that they receive punishment fitting their misconduct.

“What is worth contemplating is that on no account is such approach by police forces acceptable, because police are there to serve the public, and promote abidance by the law,” said the deputy police chief.

“Based on such ideology and in keeping with human principles, we believe that Afghan people are respectable individuals. In fact, they are hardworking people who have got a lot in common with us in terms of religion, culture and history. We always view them as refugees and try to preserve their dignity,” stressed Montazer al-Mahdi.

“Unfortunately, in spite of wonderful services offered by police forces on different fronts and the emphasis laid by the police chief on constant supervision, at times in some parts of the country incidents as such happen. No doubt, those who violate the law and take it into their own hands will be disciplined and punished,” he concluded.

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