Friday, March 1, 2024

Man gets death penalty for murdering famous Iranian film director Mehrjouei and wife 

A court in Iran has sentenced a young man to death for murdering famous Iranian film director Dariush Mehrjouei and his wife.

The man was founded guilty of pre-meditated murder in conenction with the killing of late Mr. Mehrjouei and Ms. Mohammadifar.

The immediate relatives of the victims had demanded qesas, or retribution, for the man who killed the couple.

Two accomplices in the case were also sentenced to 36 years in jail each.

The first tier accused was sentenced to twenty years in prison and whipping for other crimes committed at the same time such as theft.

Also, for the crimes before committing the murder, which is a week before this act, including the charges of illegally breaking into the house of the victims and threatening them with a knife, he was sentenced to a total of eight years in jail and whipping.

But according to the Iranian law, the most severe punishment, that is death by hanging, will be applicable for the man who was found guilty of murdering Mr. Mehrjouei and his wife.

The second and third tier defendants got 36 years in prison each for attempted murder and robbery.

As for the fourth tier defendant, he was given an 8-year jail term for aiding and abetting the other defendants in the murder and for robbery.

Mehrjouei and his wife were found dead in their homes in October.

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