Mainstream Media Surprisingly Silent on Taliban Downing of US Plane

Mainstream Media Surprisingly Silent on Taliban Downing of US Plane

Western news outlets, particularly mainstream media, have kept surprisingly silent over the Taliban’s shoot-down of a US aircraft, which has reportedly killed dozens of CIA officers.

The silence fuels the speculation that it might be part of a coordinated effort by mainstream media to cover up the way the US plane crashed and how many people were on board.

No one can accept that the US Army needs six hours to confirm that the doomed plane was its aircraft, and after several days no one still knows about the number and identity of the passengers.

It seems the true details of the plane crash are too important to be released, as they may overshadow the Deal of the Century propaganda show, Iran’s Nour News reports.

In coming days, one can expect to find reason for such cover-up once the details are made clear.

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  1. Les gens doués de raison ont bien compris que les américains sataniques ont reçu une réponse divine à leurs turpitudes et leurs crimes : En un rien de temps toute leur CIA a été décapitée ! Dieu est juste et rend ses verdicts cash! D’andrea le monstre a assassiné Souleimani, il a subi le même sort ! Gloire à Dieu le Tout puissant ! Il ne restera que lui sur la face de la terre que les mécréants américains se le disent !


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