Thursday, February 22, 2024

Leader advisor: Iran to Target Hostile Groups Outside Borders

A top aide to the leader of Islamic Revolution has warned anti-Iran groupings that they will be targeted even outside the country’s borders.

Major General Yahya Safavi touched on the recent operation by the ground forces of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps against anti-Iran forces in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

“We have time and again said that the Kurdistan region should not be a hub for gatherings of the anti-Iran groupings. Even before the raids by the IRGC’s ground forces against the places of gathering of these groupings in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, it was officially announced that these areas should not become a hub for anti-Islamic Republic forces,” he said.

“We warn that wherever near our borders the anti-revolution groupings are, and if governments in those regions give these groupings refuge and provide them with equipment and weapons, we will take action against the anti-revolution grouping in those areas.”

The general added that such elements have in the past created some problems in Iranian border areas but they are “no match for the defensive power of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

Safavi also said the anti-Iran groupings should use the amnesty offered by the Islamic Republic and stop acting as “servants” to the US and the regional countries, which fund them.

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